Connection and Usage of Utilities

Utilities Connection Application
Locators shall apply “Utilities Connection Application Format F-RF” for Water Supply, Wastewater Discharge Pipeline, Rainwater Discharge Pipeline, Telecommunication Line and Power Line Connection work to commence for connection work with 2 sets of hard and soft copies (CD).
Connection works shall be conducted by the locator only under presence of MJTD and with prior approval.

Connection Charges Application [Power, Water and Telecommunication]
Locator shall pay to MJTD for the rights to connect its power cable/ water pipeline/ telecom cable to the common power supply system/water pipeline/ telecom cable of TSEZ.  Only after completion of such payment, locator shall be allowed to commence the connection work.
“The connection charges application Format G-RF” shall be submitted before locator apply start of utilities application.
Note : To get further information contact to MJTD.

Start of Utilities Application
Locator shall apply “Start of Utilities Application Format I-RF” to MJTD before starting the use of utilities.

Power Shutdown Application (if any)
Locator shall submit “Power Shutdown Application Format H-RF” when locator/contractor need power shutdown for power line connection in construction or operation stage.