Design Approval (Land Sublease)


Soil Investigation
Soil Investigation is to carry out physical test on site to understand the ground conditions for geotechnical design. This is done for the purpose of investigation whether soil is safe and solid for construction. After reservation agreement with MJTD, locator can submit “Application for Soil Investigation” with Format A-1 if locator requires it for their reference.

Survey Work
Locators shall apply to MJTD for the “Application for Survey Work” with Format A-1 after Land Sublease Agreement is signed.

Temporary Preparation Works (if any)
Locators could begin temporary work (if any) by submitting a “Temporary Preparation Works Application” Temporary work could include preparation for fence installation and machinery mobilization etc., after Sublease Agreement is signed. However, foundation work can only start after getting Start of Construction approval by MJTD.

Design Approval Application (DAA)
After signing the “Land Sublease Agreement” and full payment to MJTD, locators shall submit the
Design Approval Application” with Format A_C. MJTD will officially accept with 3 sets of hard and soft copies (CD) all of the require document can be completed according to Exhibit 2 of Industrial Zone, Internal Regulations.
Note: Locator shall receive approval of MJTD and relevant Authority.

Design Change (if any)
Locators/contractors shall submit the “Design Change Application” with Format E_C when there is design changes/modification during construction stage or after completion stage. Locators/contractors shall start the design change work after getting the approval of Design Change from MJTD.